Tabitha Miggins - Philippa Perry

Tabitha Miggins

By Philippa Perry

  • Release Date: 2013-03-08
  • Genre: Humour


Tabitha Miggins is a special kind of heroine, possibly unique in the annals of literary fiction. Brave, furry, resolute, bushy-tailed, adventurous and bewhiskered, her hobbies include knitting and Milk Stout and she certainly does not let I dare wait upon I would.

Read it now and marvel to fur-raising adventures with pirates, smugglers and cannibals on the magical island of Brindle Holm - or relax in the snug of The Duke on the North Somerset bank of the River Avon in sleepiest Pill with friends both big and small.

Tabitha's friends include Willard the well-hard mallard, Nutter Slater, Clarence the cross-eyed badger, Whitebeard the pirate, Rat-a-Tat Ginger, Sticky Paws O'Grady and Lavinia (AKA Old-Tail-Up-For-The-Lads). Amongst Tabitha's short list of mortal enemies (not counting an island-full of cannibals) is the evil-minded Smuckle. Baddies don't come much badder!

One thing is for sure, elderly tabby cats will never be the same again...but were they ever the same before?